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The Royal Family and the Moroccan people celebrate, on Sunday, the birthday of HRH Princess Lalla Meryem whose career has always been an expression of a vision of modernity, whose salient features are social commitment, fidelity to the values of patriotism and the presence on the fronts of development, women's rights and child protection.

Each year, August 26 represents an opportunity to dwell on the achievements by HRH Princess Lalla Meryem along her rich career as President of the social activities of the Royal Armed Forces, of the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Living Abroad, of the Moroccan Association for Support to UNICEF, of the National Union of Moroccan Women, of the National Observatory of Children's Rights (ONDE), and of the Child Parliament.

Since her early age, HRH Princess Lalla Meryem took a special interest in promoting the welfare of children and the role of women in Moroccan society.

Motivated by this desire, Her Royal Highness, also Honorary President of several associations working for the benefit of children, got involved in various activities, including launching each year, the national immunization campaign, a large-scale action whose impact is reflected across the Maghreb.

In the same spirit, HRH Princess Lalla Meryem, Chairwoman of National Union of Women of Morocco (UNFM), chaired last March the ceremony marking Women's International Day.

In December last year, Her Royal Highness presided over the ceremony of inauguration of the Morocco Mall in Casablanca, which ranks at the "Top Five" global Malls.

On the diplomatic front, HRH Lalla Meryem represented, in May, HM King Mohammed VI at the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

At the international level, Her Royal Highness has shown great dynamism and joined several events of social order, giving, in March 2009, her agreement to take the honorary presidency of the Spanish Foundation ESAN for Development and Innovation in southern Europe and North Africa.

The exceptional career of HRH Princess Lalla Meryem earned her the recognition of many heads of international institutions working for the rights of the child.

Thus, at the opening of the 14th National Conference of the Rights of the Child in May, the director of UNICEF for the MENA region, Maria Calivis, paid tribute to HRH Princess Lalla Meryem, President of the National Observatory of Children's Rights, for her "unwavering personal commitment" to improve the conditions of children and promote their rights.

In the same spirit, HRH Princess Lalla Meryem has received this year the "Mediterranean for Children" prize assigned by the Mediterranean Foundation for Peace.

In July 2001, Director General of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura designated HRH Princess Lalla Meryem as Goodwill Ambassador of UNESCO in recognition of her tireless work in favour of children's cause and respect for their rights in the world.

In 2010, the Women World Leaders Association awarded Her Royal Highness the Women World Leaders' Price in her capacity as president of the UNFM.

This prize, which honors the Kingdom of Morocco, was presented to Her Royal Highness in recognition of her outstanding work, her sense of solidarity and continuing commitment to strengthen the status of Moroccan women, those in the Arab World and African Continent.

The award is also a tribute to the contribution of the Princess in promoting the image of Morocco as a key mediator of peace, development and intercultural events.


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