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Mother Groups in Mpalo Education Zone in Ntchisi have been commended for promoting education through visits, counseling and direct support to vulnerable children in the zone, the development which has seen a lot of girls being retained in school.

Speaking to Malawi News agency (Mana) on Wednesday at Mpalo School when the Mother Groups received bicycles from Child Labour Elimination Actions for Real Change (CLEAR), Primary Education Advisor (PEA) for the area Cecelia Msonthi said the mother groups were very instrumental in promotion of education especially for girls in the area.

She said the groups have helped a lot of children to go back to school after being withdrawn from tobacco farms.

Msonthi said the mother groups also have helped a number of girls to remain in school through counseling sessions that they hold with their parents and the girls themselves.

"Most children are benefiting from these Mother Groups. I know of some children who have been brought back to school either from early marriages or child labour in tobacco farms. Though they have financial constraints but they are able to help the children with school materials like exercise books, rulers, soap and uniform," Said Msonthi

The chairlady for Mpalo Mother Group, Leya Kafera, told Mana that the group was proud that their activities were recognized by the community it serves and that it would continue working to promote education in the zone.

"We have a number of activities that we do to promote education in this area, Apart from withdrawing children from child labour especially in tobacco farms; we also buy school materials for them when they go back to school. We also counsel the girls so that remain in school." She said.

Kafera said due to the groups effort, the area has very few children who do not go to school because the group visit children's homes and talk to their parents on education.

The chair lady said most schools in the Mpalo zone have registered high enrolment due to the initiatives by the Mother Groups which are supported by Child Labour Elimination Actions for Real Change, A consortium of different organizations in the name of CRECCOM, Save the Children, YONECO and Total Land Care which are working towards eliminating child labour in Ntchisi.


Mother groups very instrumental in promotion of girl education

Mother groups very instrumental in promotion of girl education


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