The MEWC eNewsletter is an online publication released once a month.  The newsletter aims to be a quick resource highlighting important and interesting developments in our six gender topics: Women, Peace and Security, Violence against Women, Political Participation & Leadership, Economic Empowerment, HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Rights, and Human Rights of Women.

 Additionally, the newsletter provides information for upcoming events, featured resources, and our interview of the month.  The typical readers of our eNewsletter are individuals who want to have the highlight of the month’s news at their fingertips in one document, for those who want a quick version of longer news articles, and for those who are interested in events and resources.


While women remain a minority of combatants and perpetrators of war, they increasingly suffer the greatest harm. From the DRC to Cote d'Ivoire, and from Burundi to Liberia, African women have played a critical role in the peace process and are essential agents in post-conflict reconstruction. However, they have either been absent or under-represented in diplomatic peace negotiations during which peace accords have been signed and the future of countries decided. read more....

The 31st of July marked the 49th celebration of African Women’s Day. For that occasion, MEWC, published an article on our website analyzing some of the major advancement and set-backs that women have faced throughout Africa. It became clear that although progress has been made, it is not enough. Several states have made major advancements in promoting women’s rights, but still fall short of protecting women. Startlingly, very little progress has been made in several countries. read more....

Welcome to the first edition of Make Every Woman Count (MEWC) E-Newsletter. Now, not only do we offer our frequently updated website, but for individuals who don’t have the resources to visit the website daily to kept abreast of current issues, we offer the MEWC E-news. We hope this comprehensive monthly news publication will give you the best overview of some of the most important topics affecting African women and girls. read more....

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