Source: The Swazi Observer
TWO local women took part in the New York Marathon which was held last year in support of breast cancer.
For Anne Borrell and Tracey Stewart, running has become more than just a way to keep fit and healthy. It aided in Anne's recovery from Breast Cancer, strengthened a long-standing friendship and allowed them to travel to New York last year for its world famous marathon in support of the Swaziland Breast Cancer Network (SBCN).

A statement by SBCN states that after battling breast cancer with the assistance of treatment in South Africa, Anne was concerned about the plight of Swazi women who do not always have the same opportunity to seek diagnosis and treatment. She became an active supporter of the Network and has been involved in many fundraising projects over the years. In early 2011, Anne and Tracey initiated the 'We Run for Life' New York Marathon campaign to raise money for the Network and on November 6 2011, they completed the 42km track through New York, side by side in a little over five hours. Anne ran the length of the marathon wearing a pink scarf knitted by a fellow breast cancer patient from the country, Cathy, who lost her battle with the disease last year.
"I was so blessed to got the opportunity to run for her and all the other strong, brave courageous women living with and surviving breast cancer" said Anne. With the help of friends, family and colleagues here in Swaziland and around the world, Anne and Tracey raised over E20 000.
"The Swaziland Breast Cancer Network is extremely grateful for the amazing lengths Anne and Tracey have gone in support of the Network and we would like to thank all the individuals who sponsored them for their generous donations," said Kwazoe Muchabayiwa, PRO of the Breast Cancer Network.
"The money raised will allow the Network to continue providing essential services and support for breast cancer in Swaziland." After their success in the marathon, Anne and Tracey continue to run for fitness and enjoyment, a habit supported by the Network. "We encourage people to be inspired by the ladies and take up running or other physical activities to maintain a healthy body and reduce the risk of diseases such as breast cancer," Muchabayiwa said. "We also encourage people to self-examine regularly and seek medical advice if they detect any abnormalities."
Swaziland Breast Cancer Network runs free breast health clinics at Manzini City Council every Tuesday at 9am-1pm, Mbabane Government Hospital every Thursday at 9am-1pm and the second Friday of every month at Hlatikulu Government Hospital at 10am-1pm.

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