Source: Arabic Network for Human Rights
ANHRI deeply disturbed by the assault on the hostel in the area of Sidi Bouzid, and the attack on the meeting of women. A group of Salafis did that, in a practical implementation of their ongoing threats to demolish places of tourism, restaurants and entertainment places.

A group of Salafis of 100 personnel has, on Monday September 3, 2012, broke into the hotel "Alharchana" the only hotel in the area of Sidi Bouzid west-central Tunisia and destroyed the living room in it in addition to destroying drinks stores and do acts of sabotage affected equipment and furniture in the hotel. The assailants also expel guests and despite the absence of any casualties but that these acts made tourists who are in the hotel feel panic and anxiety and some of the same members of the group itself then went to the home of the owner of the hotel and stole some items from him. Despite the fact that the hotel owner informed the public prosecutor after threat of the Salafis of sabotaging the hotel if it did not close, but the security unit did not reach the hotel but only after the withdrawal of the Salafist groups.


This was not the first attack of its kind in the recent times as a group of Salafis also two days ago attacked a women's meeting of Tunis Appeal Party in Sfax. Where it is followed by indications that all concerned parties will start using their own methods to defend themselves whether require protection from the member of the tribe, as is the case for the owner of the hostel in the first case or the formation of special protection units in the second case.

Tunisia witnessed many of these cases for several months on 19 and 20 May 2012, Salafi groups also attacked bars licensed, ravaged and assaulted guests, also clashed with dealers of alcoholic beverages and two youths who rejected these behaviors. That was the first time after Alnnahdah Party victory in the elections that took place on 23 October 2012 and then the incidents repeated.

ANHRI said that "the assaulted parties who request to private protection units, as a result of the failure of the concerned security authorities to provide protection for them, means access gradually to a series of mutual violence between these units and the government agencies supposed doing this role, especially after the arms entered from Libya. "

ANHRI said that Alnnahdah is fully responsible for this incident, as it is the ruling party in Tunisia after the revolution, especially the interior minister, is the man who are assigned to maintain security in the country and he is the third man in the party, who has repeatedly stressed to maintain security in the country and the application of law on everyone.

ANHRI calls for the need to investigate the incident and disclose the circumstances of the attack and identify the conductors and bring them to justice to interrogate them in recognition of the principle of the rule of law which proetect the rights and freedoms.

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