Source: Government of Ethiopia
First Lady Roman Tesfaye stressed that the empowerment of women is decisive to advance family planning services. Speaking at the 3rd International Family Planning Conference, she also noted that family planning is the prime option to improve the living conditions of women and children and realize health-related Millennium Development Goals.

In addition to improving family health, the First Lady noted, it created opportunities for women to actively participate in socio-economic spheres, and as participation and productivity increases, it consolidates their economic and decision making capacity. Indeed, apart from the health and economic benefits, "family planning is considered as one of the basic rights of women as clearly stipulated in our constitution."

The more economically empowered women are, the more able they are to plan their future, their family life together with their partners, to avoid abortions and psychological disorders, and build a happy family in the society. The First Lady said women who hold senior leadership positions should also play an exemplary role as role leaders in speaking up to promote access to family planning services.

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