In this section, Make Every WomanCount (MEWC) has gathered initiatives that are happening in the local, national and international level related to Women in general and particulary African Women. The announcement section includes a range of activities from individuals, Organisations such as surveys, primary research and dialogues with policy makers, petitions, conference,  demonstration, opinion, Statement, Call for papers, etc..

The section aims to be a resource for all different types of opportunities to engage women in women’s rights issues.




Source: Gender Links
Riding a taxi home the other day I was somewhat in awe of the woman driving it. She appeared to be the owner of the vehicle, in her mid forties, dignified and commanding respect simply by the look of pride on her face.

Source: Isis International
The WiA magazine is Isis International’s longstanding publication which, since the 1970s, has facilitated information exchange among women's movements especially in light of developments recognising women's rights.

Source: The East African
Increasing urbanisation, level of education and income tend to reduce family size, thus large families in East Africa tend to be rural and poor; among all demographics, men consistently want more children than women do.

Source: Pambazuka
n Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, this June, African heads of state and government will gather at a summit with the theme, ‘Youth empowerment for sustainable development’. Youth action is critical to the continent’s development, and more specifically, in ensuring that girls and women can make equally valued contributions to this development. 

Source: WLP
WLP’s partner in Jordan, Asma Khader, Executive Director of WLP Jordan/Sisterhood Is Global/Jordan, is currently on a fact finding mission to Libya to investigate human rights abuses in the country.


Source: UNFPA
More than one in three women in developing countries give birth alone -- or with only relatives to oversee what is one of the most dangerous passages they will ever undergo.

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