As part of our African Women’s Decade 2010-2020 Campaign, Make Every Woman Count is pleased to present our African Women’s Day event for July 31, 2015 entitled: ‘Celebrating Inspirational Africans Women’

The 31st July is the African Women’s Day, which was declared by the African Union after the first Pan-African Women’s Conference in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, in 1962.

Quite often, African women are portrayed as victims; however, this image of African women is now fading away. We are now seeing African women rising and using social media to paint the picture we all know is true of African women.

Four years since the launch of the African Women’s Decade 2010-2020, African Women’s rights activists and organisations have a lot to be proud of. Thanks to their efforts, there have been some important strides in terms of legislation, education, and the presence of women in decision-making across the continent.

Despite the obstacles and challenges they face, a growing proportion of women are breaking through the glass ceiling. Today, African women are breaking the political glass ceiling in many countries and finding their way in roles that were traditionally occupied by men.

In some countries, the presence of women in parliament has made a difference in the adoption of gender-sensitive policies. Because of pressure from women, some countries now have affirmative action policies, such as quotas, to increase the number of women in decision-making positions.


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We are going to celebrate Africa inspirational women and we would like you to join us on twitter by using the hashtag #AfricanWomenDay and tell us who is your inspirational woman and why.

On this important day, we will honours the achievements of African women, and provide a space to reflect on progress towards the recognition of women’s rights and gender equality at the political, economic and social level in all African countries.

We hope you will join us in this exciting opportunity to celebrate “Inspirational African Women” in the celebration of African Women’s Day on Friday 31st.


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