"We are at the dawn of the African Women's Decade ... We need to empower African women who produce food, raise children and drive the economy here. When those women take their rightful place at the negotiating table, in the parliament and in leadership positions across society, we can unleash Africa's enormous potential"

Ban Ki-moon , UN Secretary-General

Source: Garowe Online

Puntland a semi-autonomous state of Somalia’s president Abdirahman Mohamed (Farole) opened third Somali women Annual conference in Garowe, the capital city of the state on Monday, Radio Garowe reports.

Somali women from all regions of the country, Europe, USA, Asia and neighbouring countries attended the conference entitled “Somali Women Peace and Dialogue Conference” to follow decisions they made in their second conference in October last year in Garowe city.

Farole said Puntland State always welcomes Somalia’s solution, stability and bringing back Somalis together and praised the positive role of Somali women.

He wished to the women attended the conference to achieve a successful conclusion that helps advance the cause of peace and dialogue in war-torn Somalia.

Puntland Minister of Women and Family Affairs, Asha Gelle Dirie told Radio Garowe the conference will continue three days and the women will discuss their future, rights and how to take part of restoring peace and stability back to the country.

President Farole stated in last year’s conference that Somali women rights have been "abused by the clan system" and suggested for Somali women to form "the women's clan", saying: "The women's clan will be the most powerful clan in Somalia", to the crowd's applause.

Puntland state hosted the country's first-ever women conference in Garowe city.

Women are the backbone of Somali families for the last two decades. Women are the most targeted victims in the chaos since the country’s government collapsed in 1991..

Puntland declared regional autonomy under Federal Somalia in 1998 and has been relatively stable since. The region has a functioning government, with a civil service and elections, and its own security forces.

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